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Beatitude Healthcare

No cost healthcare for the homeless and severely indigent who do not have insurance.
A mission of the United Church of Christ, New Smyrna Beach, FL

Help for the Homeless 

Beatitude Healthcare and Colors of Hunger distribute food, clothing and healthcare to the homeless and severely indigent each Monday at the United Church of Christ in New Smyrna Beach, FL. 

No cost Healthcare

A Nurse Practitioner run free clinic for primary care, urgent care, mental health and preventive care each Monday from 3-5 pm.


Colors of Hunger supplies meals each Monday from 4-5 pm.


Colors of Hunger also distributes free clothing, and toiletry items each Monday from 4-5 pm.


United Church of Christ

Currently, Beatitude Healthcare services are provided at the church facilities in New Smyrna Beach, FL each Monday. 

203 Washington St. New Smyrna Beach, FL

 Phone 386-383-1856

Mondays 3-5 pm